Loft ladders

Loft ladder installations across Leigh

At Loft Medics, we provide you with ladder products from Youngmans, FAKRO and other manufacturers at competitive prices.

Ladder installation with every loft conversion

When you get your loft storage space built or renovated by Loft Medics, we install a ladder during the process. All ladders are sourced from Youngman. You can be confident in the quality of the products we use, as well as the work we provide. 

In addition, if you need lighting and flooring done in your loft space, get in touch with our associates today!

Our ladder products include:

  • 2 section aluminium ladder
  • 3 section aluminium ladder with a hand rail and lever arm for extra security
  • Wooden ladder that folds out and comes with a handrail for easy access
  • Ladders of variable sizes and weight requirements

2 section aluminium ladder
Loft ladder installation by professionals at Loft Medics in Leigh. Call us on 01942 205 356 for an estimate.

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