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Based in Leigh, Loft Medics have been helping people transform their loft spaces since 2004.

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A loft space with no proper flooring is of little use to anyone. Climbing over and balancing boxes on joists is an accident waiting to happen and definitely not worth taking the risk. However, Loft Medics has the solution. We can install safe and secure flooring that provides the perfect foundation for transforming your loft space into a light, bright storage area or extra living space.
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Comprehensive flooring services for your loft space

Our experts make sure to use moisture resistant flooring when working on a loft space as it helps to prevent any damage that may be caused by dampness in the future.
If you have a new loft storage conversion and wish to make it comfortable and safe for use with new flooring, contact Loft Medics today for a free quote and helpful advice.

Complete loft lighting solutions

A loft storage conversion is not complete without adequate lighting. When you choose Loft Medics for loft conversion work at your home, we offer you free installations of standard bayonet bulbs. If you need a 4ft fluorescent strip, we can install this for an additional £20.

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