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Based in Leigh, Loft Medics have been helping people transform their loft spaces since 2004.

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If your home is an older property, you may still be struggling to access your loft through an old 'push-up' type hatch. These types of hatches are fiddly to open and can be even more a challenge when you're balancing on a pair of ladders. However, Loft Medics has the solution. We can install you a brand-new hinged hatch that's easy to open and close.
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Perfectly designed loft hatches

Our well-designed hatches will perfectly conceal the entrance to your loft and can be made to incorporate a safe and easy to use ladder too.

We can install:

  • Wooden hatches
  • PVC hatches
  • Fully draught-proof hatches

PVC Hatches are popular because of their draught exclusion qualities and wooden hatches provide a wider entrance to your loft space. We can also hinge your original hatch.

Need new loft ladders too?

A new set of ladders will complement your hatch perfectly. As your local loft conversion experts, we can offer advice on what types of ladder would work best in your home.

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Make accessing your loft hassle-free.

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